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Fixing a Computer

Why Should You Become a Favor Pal®?
(How to sign up below)

Find favors to do in the area that are suitable for both your experience and your availability. You are given the independence as well as the assistance necessary to run your schedule when you use My Favor®.

Truck Wash

Become your own boss

You get to choose how, when, and where you do your work. You may provide services in any category you want, and your working hours and location are completely up to you.

Make your own price decisions

You get to retain one hundred percent of what you charge, in addition to tips! Send in your invoices and be paid quickly and safely using our online invoicing and payment system.

Develop yourself further

We make it possible for you to concentrate on what you do best by connecting you with local customers and providing you with avenues through which you may promote yourself.

Going for a Walk

My Favor® is a service that links busy individuals who are in need of assistance with reliable local Favor Pals who are able to assist with a variety of tasks, such as errands and house repairs.


As a Favor Pal, you have the opportunity to earn money doing what you like, when and when you want, all while making a difference in the life of a person located in your community.

Fixing Appliances

How To Sign Up as a Favor Pal®?

Download the App

To begin, download the My Favor App® from the App Store for iPhone or the Google Playstore for Android. The app is free to download, and you will be prompted to register right away. After registering as a normal user, you will have the option of becoming a Favor Pal.

Select Become a Favor Pal and Submit a Background Check

Once you've joined up as a normal user, the app will allow you to become a Favor Pal® by clicking on the top-right corner. Once there, provide your banking information to be paid, and you'll get an email with a link to complete your background check to become an official Favor Pal®!

Do Favors and Earn Money!

Once your background check is granted, you will be an official Favor Pal®, ready to earn money by aiding individuals in your area with their favors! You will get notifications about local persons in need of support! Additionally, you can also request aid from others if you need any favors yourself!

Start Your Favor Pal® Journey By Downloading the My Favor App® Below!

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